Sarlat Truffle Market 14-15 January 2023

The French call the region around Sarlat « Le Périgord Noir », or Black Périgord. This is due to the colour of the black truffles, which can be found growing at the roots of special truffle oak trees, in the region.

In January, Sarlat celebrates this black gold - truffles can fetch €1000 per kilo. 
Black truffles
source: istock

The Sarlat Truffle market takes place during the weekend of the 14-15 January 2023.

Visitors can try all different dishes or amuse-bouche garnished with truffles. Or even buy a slice of truffle to take home and infuse your own dishes. 

More details on the Sarlat tourism website

Sarlat Tourisme - truffle market


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